Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor
has been formed by four senior lawyers whose common focus is on business law, and providing necessary personal legal advice to individuals on related matters.

The Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor office is located in Edmonton's west-end and is easily accessible. Office hours accommodate our clients' needs, and we readily meet clients at their businesses as requested.

Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor provides legal advice on incorporations; mergers and acquisitions; corporate governance; shareholders' rights and agreements; banking, borrowing, lending, and secured transactions; real estate transactions, leasing and real estate development. The firm also undertakes security enforcement, commercial collections, and business litigation, and advises non-profit organizations and foundations.

Collateral to those issues, Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor provides individuals with expertise on personal matters relating to wills and estates and related future planning.

Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor does not undertake personal injury lawsuits, matrimonial litigation or any criminal matters, but will arrange for competent and suitable representation for any clients who require those services.

Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor has a specific direction and purpose in client representation, and seeks to ensure that within cost effective limits all possibilities are examined and explored to ensure that adequate accounting and taxation advice is incorporated into any plans or actions, and that the results are practical and cost effective.

Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor invites client inquiries and new clients who wish to deal with proven and experienced lawyers in a flexible and accommodating legal practice.

Fees and billing arrangements will be discussed and agreed at the start of each matter, and can be tailored to each circumstance.